In ALFA PRODUCTS we believe that the best way for reliability, ensuring the effective management and coordination of business operations is the implementation of a quality control program, which guarantees that the products and services provided to our customers satisfy the minimum quality standards through quality assurance.


The term quality control covers all business activities and actions to be followed in order to check the quality of products or services provided by the company. This means that all activities are constantly supervised by experienced personnel and that everything is carried out properly (ie according to the set of predefined businesses).






The term quality assurance is in short a step after quality control, and defines the set of actions followed to ensure that the quality control is applied correctly. Quality assurance involves constant and regular monitoring of the operation, as well as providing regular feedback and comments in order to better understand business operations. Quality assurance also indicate what activities should be developed and the necessary actions to improve the quality of products and services while aiming at exceeding customer expectations.


Before taking action, it is necessary to choose which activities and techniques for the benefit of the company can be used to reshape our strategy accordingly.